About Us



We at MARMSAI aim to be “The Game Changer for Your Business”. Our name is getting ethos from “marm” meaning the core or the authentic self and “sai” meaning the person who keeps trying until he succeeds also symbolising the grace of the famous saint from Maharashtra praised and held in the eyes of people as God

Our name expands as:
M- Marketing
A- Advertising
R- Research
M- Media
S- Services
A- Automotive
I- Intellectual Properties

With our consulting & services, we aim to develop an e-commerce platform. As we specialise in Marketing, advertising, media and research for business and are in trend with the market pulse; by launching an e-commerce platform we aim to benefit our clients & collaborators with added direct sales and to enjoy the benefits of our specialisation. We intend to provide e-commerce platform to SME’s and specially for companies of Indian origin who want to go global. We also provide solutions to companies abroad in launching their operational base in India. All these solutions are provided at reasonable costs making it affordable for every party involved.

We provide consultancy for marketing, advertising, research, media, automotive & intellectual properties and guide our clients with strategy and precise methodologies they need to adopt for accelerating their success and rise further on the path to the top. With the internet and the global landscapes transforming & evolving in leaps and bounds, the real challenge lies in growing at an accelerated rate. We aim to provide our clients with solutions that release their burden, helping them focus on vital aspects of their business while we set them up for an autopilot mode to accelerated success & growth. Our vision is to make our Indian based company become a global platform for all.


Mr Shrinath Waghole
(Managing Director)

He is an MBA in Marketing with further specialization in Advertising, Market research and DigitalMarketing. Being a multi-talented personality,he has been awarded with various distinguished awards. Having over 25 years of work experience in the position of Marketing Head, GM and CEO for leading Automobile companies in Mumbai, he currently is leading the MARMSAI as the Managing Director.  

Mrs Manjusha S Waghole

She has a Masters in Social Work (MSW) and has worked for Govt. of Maharashtra MAVIM Ltd. She has been awarded for exemplary work and has been instrumental in the development of self-help groups, Women entrepreneurship programs, Women’s local self-Government trainings under the Women and Child Welfare ministry. She heads MARMSAI as the Director. 


Our Motto Is:“We apply the right strategies to make your business grow to its potential” 

Organizations are faced with competitive markets that are getting more challenging by the day with new vendors and rapid changes. Businesses today face complex challenges created by unpredictable customer demands. Our company aims to provide you with a solution that will handle these threats effectively, thereby helping your business to tap onto the opportunities and earn profits where others are busy tackling their threats.

Our company brings decades of industry leadership into customising and providing client specific solutions to ensure every business we touch achieves accelerated growth & profits. We are committed to each client& aim to be one of the best consultants globally. This goal drives every decision we make, from the hiring of talented and experienced staff to our investments in technology, communications and support.


We at Marmsai, ensure that our clients grow into highly profitable businesses by providing vital consultancy, strategies and services along withthe tools that meet their requirements. We give utmost importance to customer satisfaction and performance. Our clients drive our mission to provide accelerated growth. We anticipate the opportunities available in business every day and pass them on to our clients in an easily adaptable manner. They share our commitment to excellence and encourage us to innovate.

We are 100 percent committed to our clients’ growth, passionate about their success, and take pride in being a vital aspect to their successes.