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At MARMSAI we provide consultancy & services tuned to accelerate your growth and speed-up your decision making with apt, to the point & suitable strategies and business tactics. Our team provides a blend of well-balanced guidance and plan of action for your business to achieve functional proficiency and to be able to develop new-age capabilities. We are a one-stop provider of facilities related to marketing, advertising, research, media, automotive and intellectual property. We also offer the full range of solutions, provide support required in execution and allied services related to the consultancy we provide. We function with the highest standard of conduct & transparency and look forward to providing growth & acceleration despite the market conditions and rapidly changing trends. We maintain utmost confidentiality in our work & handle critical data with utmost sensitivity.

“We apply the right strategies to make your business grow to its potential”


At MARMSAI, we customise our consultancy & services as per every client. Our solutions are designed as per your business. Standardised market strategies are freely available today o the internet, and a bit of following the industry experts can also give an idea. We, however, choose the best mix of ideas, strategies and tools to accelerate your business as per the current resources, plans and machinery you have while we simultaneously make goals & targets of what the future needs to be.

This makes our consultancy & services easily applicable, adaptable and reduces the time taken to show results. Also, it becomes on-the-go and our clients don’t need to stall their businesses to incorporate the new strategies. Customisation allows these benefits making it a new age feature we work on.

Our consultancy & services come with no hidden costs. We believe in the policy of maintaining 100% transparency, clarity & understanding between us and our clients. This allows our clients to have a clear picture right at the beginning and have an accurate idea of the commercials involved. Having this clarity allows our clients to plan effectively & be able to ascertain their costs and revenues thereof.

We at MARMSAI assign a dedicated relationship manager to each one of our clients. Our team functions in synergy ensuring that no client feels left out. A dedicated and focussed representative ensures that there are no gaps in communication, speed of work is enhanced as well as it saves time which leads to optimum utilisation of resources involved while delivering the best outcomes

We at MARMSAI have a wide range of services in our basket. We have entered into many tie-ups with leading companies in the market. This ensures that our clients don’t need to spend their time, effort & money in finding individual vendors & service providers. We currently have wide choice of advisory services in terms of marketing, advertising, research, media, automobiles, and intellectual properties. Our focus lies in meeting the primary needs of our clients by offering a wide array of services under one crown. We also cater to certain super-speciality services which our consultants explain in the preview meetings we conduct.

At MARMSAI, we are committed to continuously work towards reducing timeframes, increasing efficiency and delivering optimal results. Over time, we intend to offer clients with world-class services, technological support and fastest consultancy & allied services that the market today needs.

MARMSAI holds an established existence in the industry, we have what it takes to create and build a long-term association with the clients. We leverage from the over 25 years of experience of our directors to provide seamless service experience to our clients. We appropriately foresee and deliver upon the expectations of our clients ensuring they have a rich experience every time they interact with us.


In every consulting package a consultant is mapped to a client. All consulting products have different set of commitments, some have dedicated number of visitsby us wherein the mapped consultant looks in-depth into the client’s business to provide an accurate and actionable solution. This ensures we get you right, time saving is optimal, and our clients have a seamless experience from end-to-end.

Each consulting project has a defined SOW, which the consultant with the help of Principal Consultant and Subject Matter Experts (S.M.E) implements in the client’s business. The scope of work is a detailed list of strategies and plans that we aim to implement in tandem to thereby achieve the desired or set-out results.

To implement the doable in our client’s business, the employees of the client need to be trained. That’s why in each consulting package we have defined number of employee trainings wherein the mapped consultant delivers pre-defined content. This ensures that we empower our clients to achieve the desired results and maintain the same with an upgraded workforce.


In every consulting meeting, we assist our clients to exchange resources through networking opportunities with other business owners relevant to them. We call these discussions Growth Multiplication Meetings (GMM). We connect our clients with potential contributors and collaborators. We also give them insights & entry into correct markets that ensure profitability.

Every consulting package designed by us follows a simple objective: consulting effectiveness should be measurable. We design a monthly plan for our clients which covers the number of targets and strategies that will be implemented in a month. We further give a review report before the 10th of every month on the last month’s plan to compare what we had committed in the last month plan with what has been achieved. The gaps and delays in the SOW deliverables are analysed and corrected.

Our consulting methodology also takes into consideration that Business Owners must update and upgrade their knowledge. Thus, we make trainings accessible to each business owner once every 3 months so that they get equipped with new technology, new knowledge in all areas of their business and beyond.


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